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Sweet & Cozy Craftiness
Hi there! I'm Justine, a twenty-something living in California.

I  learned to crochet when I was 13, my mom taught me, I don't remember how it started just that she had to teach me, with me sitting facing her, mirroring her because I'm left handed.
  Once I knew the basics I took off with it pretty quickly. This book helped tons, it's my favorite and one I still refer back to when I need any help. 
 I stopped for a few years, but picked it back up when life hit a rough patch. It brings such a sense of joy and creativeness that its pulled me through a lot.

30-day Crochet Challenge

I just recently jumped into the online community of crochet and knitting and I'm totally loving it. So I decided to start my own blog, to share and keep track of my projects and all the great yarn-y inspiration I find in the world of crochet & knitting.

You can find me here on the web: 
Etsy- I don't yet have a shop, but I still love looking around there.

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